Business Concept

Real added value: full service logistics with one-stop shopping

In the beginning, the idea was to develop an integrated supply chain solution – today it is a comprehensive and sophisticated overall concept for the demanding quick service restaurants and related sectors.

We at QSL consider ourselves as a food logistics company with a trading function that manages the complete logistics processes of its customers, organises operational purchasing for them, procures, stores, picks and distributes stocks and also performs the complete accounting for these operations.  Whether procurement, warehousing, distribution, complaint management or brokering – our scalable supply chain management concepts can be tailored to every customer requirement. At our modern warehouse locations we store stocks that we roll out directly and via our cross-docks on a daily basis.  The delivery of all goods is performed via one-stop shopping, that is, with the vehicle making only one stop.  In this way all administrative processes become considerably more efficient.

Our inventory management organises our operational purchasing.  Here is where it all comes together. Here all supporting processes are controlled before our schedulers initiate the shipments.  With regard to strategic purchasing our customers set the tone: they decide what is bought at what price from what vendor.  Our supply chain teams take care of the rest. They plan the pick-up, control the quantities purchased from the supplier and settle the bills.  For our customers we thus create added value in every respect.