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In a nutshell: At Quick Service Logistics (QSL) we are your full-service logistics provider for the demanding system-catering industry. As a commercial food logistics company, we handle your entire supply chain and are your one-stop shop for all cold-chain supplies. Whether unrefrigerated, refrigerated, frozen or all-of-the-above – we deliver what you need. We plan and monitor all logistics processes, organize operational purchasing, procure stocks, store, distribute, commission and – if desired – provide complete invoicing. We adapt our efficient and scalable supply chain management concepts to your requirements and can thus offer extensive added value in every respect.

Figures please

Our balance sheet reflects the success story of a family business. We grow with our customers and our customers grow with us. In this way long-lasting partnerships are created that are characterized by continuity, trust, reliability and quality. All this is reflected in our business results. But for us these figures are more than mere facts. They reflect our passion and motivation to become a little bit better every day for you, our customer. And it is because we take your needs seriously and make them our own that we will continue to be your first choice in the future.

How a truck got everything rolling

We continue to build on a solid foundation that was first laid in 1949 when Ludwig Meyer founded our sister company as a regional transport firm with only one truck. High demand ensured rapid growth and the subject of refrigerated transport was soon to become the next milestone for the company. In 1960 a long-distance truck fleet for international refrigerated and deep-freeze transport was established. It was also the year that Meyer Quick Service Logistics was founded. Since then, our success has been characterized by service excellence, and flexibility, high quality standards as well as a comprehensive and well-thought-out supply chain solution that provides absolute reliability. In summary QSL offers you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on your core business, while we bring added value to your business by taking care of your logistics.

1,300 multi-temperature trucks (Meyer group)


QSL employees are passionate about food logistics: This can be seen behind the wheels of our trucks, in our service offices and warehouses, and in IT and management. Everyone is a dedicated specialist in their field. What they appreciate about us is the strength of a successful logistics company, coupled with the authentic humanity of our owner-operated corporate philosophy. Our common purpose is to help shape the future of sophisticated food logistics with professional interest and to offer our customers individually tailored solutions and services.

888,000 deliveries per year

Hannah: Internal auditor

For Hannah, a normal working day often begins the way vacation might for others: with a hotel breakfast. There she prepares for the day’s tasks, before driving to her assigned workplace, a warehouse located somewhere in Europe. As an internal auditor for Meyer Quick Service Logistics, Hannah makes a significant contribution to quality assurance at the company. After all, QSL controls all logistics processes for our Quick Service customers, from purchasing to storage and delivery to restaurants. In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that goods arrive at a customer’s sites with peak quality, QSL employees must strictly observe a number of guidelines regarding storage, packaging and transport. These include, for example, compliance with cold chain requirements for food as well as hygiene, occupational safety and data protection. Hannah’s daily work ensures that QSL complies with all important rules and regulations. “To do so, I travel to our sites and carry out so-called audits,” she says. “This way, I check whether we are implementing everything the way our customers expect us to. Basically, I am a coach. Through regular monitoring, I help all QSL employees learn to apply top quality standards and to become better overall.” And since QSL offices and warehouses are located across Europe, Hannah is “on the road” all year round. The fact that she is sometimes travelling for two weeks at a time is no problem for her. “I wanted an international job that would allow me to see something of the world. Every new country is a little adventure for me,” the auditor says with a laugh and adds, “Of course, it’s always about delivering quality work – every day and everywhere.

Piotr: Driver

Piotr’s working day actually begins in the middle of the night. At 1:30 a.m. he plans the route for that day, then drives to the company’s site in Heppenheim, Germany to handle office work and make preparations for the other drivers. Piotr, who joined Meyer Quick Service Logistics in 2007, is also a team leader for his colleagues. At 2:30 a.m. cargo loading begins, with strict adherence to timing. Loading is precise work and carefully timed, with every move planned. But the working atmosphere is good and there is plenty of laughter in the warehouse. The frozen products are first to be loaded and at -25°C Piotr likes to wear his thick fur cap. Once all empties are unloaded, the dry cargo is stowed away. Piotr can transport a variety of goods at their appropriate storage temperatures with modern multi-temperature vehicles– monitored by a telemetric system that posts all the electronic data online. At 3:45 a.m. the day’s tour begins – first, a stop at Ikea followed by two Burger King stores. Piotr knows all the refrigerated storerooms very well, so everything is quickly unloaded, and the store manager buys him a coffee for the road. “Piotr is the best,” she says. He arrives at the next Burger King on schedule, just as the employees are opening up. Piotr unloads and his journey continues. When his truck is empty, he has to return to the warehouse quickly because the vehicle is needed for the late shift. Following a drivers’ meeting in the office, Piotr’s intensive workday is finally over and he’s glad that everything went well, once again. “I simply enjoy it,” he explains “I have a lot of responsibility, but my colleagues are always in a good mood and working with our customers is really pleasant. For me this is much more than just driving a truck”.

Our clients

Mutual trust is the basis required for every successful co-operative effort. We are proud of the fact that well-known international brands and companies have been placing their trust in us for many years, both in the system catering and cargo sectors. We are committed to earning and keeping this trust every day, continuously monitoring our performance in a constructive and solution-oriented manner. And we focus on you, our customers to maintain awareness of your present needs and those that will keep you successful in the future. Digital, networked, smart and individualized. We plan, optimize and recalibrate until every joint collaboration runs smoothly.


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