The QSL concept

Administration, warehousing and distribution are a seamless process for us, conceptually based on our 3PL and 4PL competencies and digitally networked with intelligent, powerful IT systems. As a Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) with our own vehicle fleet and warehousing, as well as extensive expertise in managing complex supply chains, we offer you everything from a single source. Our “One-Stop-Shop” principle makes it possible to transport all goods to a geographical location on schedule with just one vehicle and one stop per customer. This demonstrates our interface competence and our commitment to efficiency in all processes.

Supply chain management

As a logistics company with a trading function, we at QSL handle all processes along the entire supply chain – from the comprehensive re-establishment of a company to optimization of individual tasks, we offer the experience and know-how needed to make the most of your performance potential. In doing so, we build on a tried and tested concept for success: the centralized control and bundling of procurement and distribution logistics. Monitored by intelligent IT, our concept is flexible and agile. Our experts provide you with support in planning and optimization of your supply chain and ensure that logistics becomes a significant added value element which offers you competitive advantages.

Service to 20 countries and 6,000 restaurants

Proof of quality

Companies that transport and store food must meet the highest quality standards. It goes without saying that we comply with all fundamental, statutory safety and hygiene rules for handling foodstuffs. However, merely meeting regulatory demands is far from enough for us. We fulfill a multitude of customer, in-house and industry-specific quality requirements, as well. And we are our own harshest critic and strictest watchdog: annually we are conducting 150 internal and external audits. All our warehouse sites have achieved the audit results necessary for IFS HIGHER LEVEL certification (status 2019). After all, responsibility and food safety are our top priorities.

Our domain: temperature-controlled long-distance road transport throughout Europe

QSL CARGO specializes in temperature-controlled partial and complete truckloads. Our core competence is the transportation of food items by road. Our passion is for fresh food logistics. In the Europe-wide QSL network, our highly trained drivers are on the road every day, captaining a fleet of state-of-the-art multi-temperature vehicles. Warehouse to warehouse or warehouse to customer: with 130 articulated lorries of our own and another 1,200 vehicles owned and operated by our sister company Meyer Logistik, we cover a wide variety of routes across Europe. Our dispatching and scheduling center keeps a close eye on the whole process. In this way, we keep track of all traffic situations, vehicles and time slots for our customers.

From a 3.5 ton van to a 40 ton articulated lorry

Modern vehicle fleet, excellent processes

Our fleet of 130 wholly owned trucks, plus access to an additional 1,200 trucks from Meyer Logistik, places our multi-temperature vehicles at the forefront of the industry, making it one of the most modern vehicle pools in Germany. Very few of our trucks – mostly purchased from leading brand-name manufacturers – are more than two years old. Without exception, all of them meet the Euro-Norm 6 emission standard, with a correspondingly low environmental impact. From fully electric last-mile delivery vans for urban environments to LNG-powered tractor trailer trucks for long haul shipping, alternative drive systems can be found in almost every one of our vehicle categories. GPS tracking helps to optimize route planning and ensures punctual adherence to all contracted pickup and delivery times. We also train our drivers well beyond all legal requirements, because they are the people who make sure that all our transports are carried out safely and reliably. Ultimately, our quality management forms a solid foundation for excellent and transparent processes.

And why QSL CARGO?

Quite simple: we load our trucks ourselves. And we always arrive punctually at the loading docks. We react flexibly and quickly. We inform our partners proactively. And we are there for our customers around the clock. Is that not enough? Modern equipment, fully-trained drivers, seamless temperature monitoring, the highest quality standards and GPS-supported order monitoring make us a reliable and professional transport partner for temperature-controlled foodstuffs.

Quality without compromise

Anyone who transports food must meet the quality standards such as IFS or HACCP. We at QSL CARGO go one step further: our certified quality management meets the most stringent norms. It guides us safely in our daily work. Our quality officers at all locations report directly to management. In unannounced internal audits, we constantly check that all rules and metrics are strictly adhered to. Our customers appreciate our high standards for handling temperature-sensitive food – and check them regularly in their own audits.

Demand-oriented fleet networking

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