Living in accordance with our values also means looking beyond our own horizons and working for our fellow human beings. As a family business, we are happy to assume responsibility within our society; social commitment is a matter of course for us. Whether in our own diversity initiatives, sustainability programs or by making donations to support social projects.

As a leading provider of logistics services for the food service sector, we at QSL are well aware of our corporate social and environmental responsibility. We want to do more and continually show the results of our efforts. We call this project QSER. which is an acronym created from the terms QSL and CSR/CSER. For this project, we have set ourselves a guideline for our actions to emphasise the fact that we believe in these values and that the corresponding initiatives are an essential part of our business. This way, we aim to continue our successful business operations in the future.

Sustainable urban logistics


QSL is a family owned and run business, so it is very important to us that our actions resonate with our family values by being respectful and caring towards people, the environment and world resources. In order to do this we have divided our vision for this policy in to two areas: Social and Environmental where we conduct or support projects at a local and global level.


People are at the heart of what we do and nothing of what we talk about here is possible without the support and dedication of our own great team, our customers, our suppliers and the wider community. We are a family business and ‘family’ is at the heart of this part of our policy.

Beyond our own team work we sponsor a number of activities that we believe do great work. We have been careful to ensure that the projects we support in areas where Human Rights are upheld and that the ruling parties do not promote conflict in any form. All the projects are managed by the United Nations and endorsed by the WWF.


As a logistics provider we have a fleet of vehicles and a number of warehouses. We work hand in hand with our suppliers and partners to ensure our equipment is modern, technically up to date and environmentally friendly. Our customers need a particular type of service to meet the needs of their consumers and the location of their restaurants is such that, currently, it is just not possible to have a supply chain where a combustion engine is not involved.

So, our approach here is to focus on reducing our environmental impact by continually reviewing our processes to ensure they are efficient, to embrace innovation and the use of modern technology and finally to compensate for the impact we make.


We are facing the major challenge of reducing the polluting emissions from the vehicles in our fleet sustainably and permanently. An important aspect for this is moving to models which satisfy the new EURO 6 emission standards. This fleet management approach will be supplemented by buying low-emission cooling units and using eco-friendly coolants. These measures are the first steps towards future development. Together with our sister company Meyer Logistik, we are involved in researching and testing alternative drive systems. We are able to benefit from many years of experience, which we have gained as a development partner in the industry. We will continue to invest in new technology which includes a recent acquisition of lorries with natural gas drives (Liquified Natural Gas, LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas.

-38% emissions within 5 years

At present we have 28 IVECO Stralis type vehicles that are being used by us on a daily basis. Actual operations have shown that the CO2 savings can be up to 20 percent compared with diesel lorries. In addition, we want to invest in hybrid vehicles which combine modern diesel technology with efficient electric drive systems. We would also like to focus on innovation in the field of pure electric drive systems. We are convinced that in the medium term our vehicle fleet will feature a mix of drive systems – with an overwhelming proportion of alternative drives.

So far we are well on the way to achieving this. Our achievement has been recognised locally in Germany under the Lean & Green program we are very proud to be part of.


As a family-run company, we believe that it is important to be play more than just an economic role in our society. That is why we – with our employees – have identified and defined our mutual values and have firmly anchored them in our QSL slogan. “Fresh. Fair. Full Service.”

FRESH represents innovation, dynamics and inventiveness, as well as for speed and our promise to deliver on time at all times.

FAIR means we deal with one another on the basis of trust and honesty. We wish to act as transparently as possible at all times, in partnership with both our employees and customers.

FULLSERVICE stands for holistic networking to deliver cargo in a customer-oriented, competent and first-class manner.