Showing responsibility

Living in accordance with our values also means looking beyond our own horizons and working for our fellow human beings. As a family business, we are happy to assume responsibility within our society; social commitment is a matter of course for us. Whether in our own diversity initiatives, sustainability programs or by making donations to support social projects.

Being sustainable

We know from our own experience that it’s not easy for logistics firms to call this term their own. That’s all the more reason for us to focus on the efficient use of resources and a constant shift towards environmentally sound technology: the gradual conversion of our fleet to climate-friendly vehicles complying with the EU’s Emission Standard 6 has already brought us a 11% reduction in emissions. For achieving this success, we were presented the Lean and Green Award Germany’s standard-setting organization GS1. This spurs us on – with the aim of reducing emissions in warehouse and logistics processes by 20% over the next 5 years!

Being socially committed

Anyone can talk about social commitment, but we also “walk the walk” in a very concrete way. For example, by supporting the local “Tafel”, a food bank for the needy, which makes an important contribution in the battle against poverty in Germany. For an international project, we provide financial support to the well-respected German charity, “Ein Herz für Kinder” (“Have a heart for kids”). And with “Project Butterfly” we contribute to aid cancer patients and their families.

Sustainable urban logistic

Our words – our values

As a family-run company, we believe that it is important to be play more than just an economic role in our society. That is why we – with our employees – have identified and defined our mutual values and have firmly anchored them in our QSL slogan. “Fresh. Fair. Full Service.”

FRESH represents innovation, dynamics and inventiveness, as well as for speed and our promise to deliver on time at all times.

FAIR means we deal with one another on the basis of trust and honesty. We wish to act as transparently as possible at all times, in partnership with both our employees and customers.

FULL SERVICE stands for holistic networking to deliver cargo in a customer-oriented, competent and first-class manner.


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